Friday, August 16, 2013

The Evening Constitutional

I realized that I never actually put up a post on these two although they were in the background of some pictures previously. Mr. Reginald and Mrs. Amelia Pelham are some of the first 15mm miniatures that I sculpted along with Sherlock Holmes way back a year and a half ago when I started on the Steamworks project. (You can find the original posts here and here.)

I think she turned out alright although the face is a little weak. Reginald however is the worst of my sculpts. Poor proportions, bad detail work, and a really boring pose. Oh well, he'll look fine tucked away in the back of a crowd and at least I learned from sculpting him.

On other fronts I've done some more test cases with stamping cobblestones. I read on Iain Robinson's blog ( a really nice model railroad blog with some really inspiring pieces of work) how he white glues wet DAS to a cardboard backing to prevent warping and cracking. I tried this technique and it works well, although he uses thin card impregnated with resin to keep it stiff. I didn't and mine has some warpage but I expected that. I also used it to make some base work on washers and I like the end result. I think gluing it to the tiles or plastic card will work out in the future. 

Recutting the stamps I think helped the most.

I noticed that the DAS does seem to take less detail then the other clay I used.

Here the square is painted up and I used it as a little courtyard. Blurry the usual hallmark of a picture I've taken.

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