Friday, February 13, 2015

Sicktime Sculpting Projects

I suffered through a case of the man-flu this past weekend which threw my plans into disarray. I didn't get to submit my entry for the Hot bonus round and since I'll be on vacation next week it looks like I'll be missing the Comedy one as well. Disappointing but at least I should be able to submit the figure for the Hot round as a regular entry once I get around to taking some pictures.

18mm - The one on the left is going to be the first of my Great Victorian Writers Running in Terror series. On the right is almost done just the hard parts of face and hands to do.

I couldn't muster up the energy to do any painting this week but I did get started on a group of new sculpts in a variety of scales. I have vague ideas for uses for some of them but in general I'm just working on what I feel like right now.

Early stages of various pieces. 28mm on the left, a bust of indeterminate scale, and one scaled out to 1/35 as a trial run.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Armored British Infantry

I managed to finish up my squad of BEF infantry from All Quiet on the Martian Front. I had started three of them back in the fall but sidelined them to work on Painting Challenge entries. Now they and the other seven got their time on the painting table.

I had a debate with myself on how to paint them but finally went with basically the same as my regular infantry with the addition of grey/white for the helmets and breastplate. That way they will fit in in with the rest of my British ( all 6 of them HaHa) but still stand out on the battlefield from them.

My favorite out of this group is the Coil Gunner. I wish all of them had the same look. There is just something about the heavy armor, and the massive gun and backpack that just really speaks to me. I might try to make more of my own version of these troops based on his design.

For my purposes they are guys are going to be the specialist troops for the British Empire tasked to fight the various weird occurrences happening both at home and around the globe.

The squad getting down to work!

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