Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SDE: Kobolds

My first two test paints of kobolds are complete. I originally wanted to do a faux-airbrushed, cell shaded look to complement the anime style of the figures. It didn't work out that well so I fell back to a more traditional look that was heavy on the inks for black lining. It also didn't help that the Vallejo black red I used for the basecoat for their skin was very glossy and made it hard to read the highlights until I got them dull-coated. Well, only like 50 more guys to paint from the set.


Monday, June 11, 2012


I made this guy to be one of the armed workers in the Walloon Jacquerie but he is equally useful in many other roles. Criminal thug, anarchist, maybe even a disguised operative or detective.

I also picked up a copy of Super Dungeon Explore. The figures are absolutely great and I'm looking forward to painting them. I can also see myself going all out and building full terrain boards to play on. I should probably play the game a couple of times first though before I go too overboard.

I've started a couple more new sculpts and I also want to work on my faces so I'm going to try to sculpt at least one of those each time I get a chance.
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