Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Yellow Fish and Bluebirds

I was shocked to see that I haven't updated the blog in a quarter of a year. Unfortunately this is partly to do with not having done much hobby work during this time but I have got a couple of things done.

Most of my hobby time in November and December was dedicated to completing a Christmas present for my parents. They have a couple of pairs of Eastern Blue birds that nest at their house and always give me a report of what they are up to every time I call.

They were sculpted with polymer clay and I used a bit of branch to make the base. I like the way the wings came out but I need to work on some more techniques for making the tails.

To get back onto the painting wagon I also finished off one of the familiars for Silver Tower. This is the same one my wife painted a while ago and I really like the way she painted hers. I wanted the pair to compliment each other and I saw someone had painted one up as a goldfish which I thought worked pretty well. To fit him in with the rest of the Tzeentchian forces I used the same scheme I used for the magical fire.

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