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VSF Steam Mecha Vs Giant Lovecraftian Monsters all in 1/100 scale!

This is the spot where I'm putting all of the information for my SteamWorks setting. Not sure exactly how its gonna get organized at the moment but you can at least expect to see some Army Cards for various units. These are for the Gruntz system as I like the customization inherent in the game.

Army Cards


HMC Auster was commissioned in 1861 one of the three MK 1 Tempest class of Colossi. The Tempest class was designed to utilize the then state of the art Hotchkiss Rotary 3lb cannon. The withering hail of shells that can spew from the gun has broken many charges against British lines.

The Auster has seen near continuous service with K Battery of the 5th Royal Colossus Regiment including taking place in the American Intervention in 1864. Afterwards it saw action in both India and during the Expedition Force at Liege.

Currently K Battery and the Auster are undergoing refits at St. John's Wood Barracks in London.



The Crawling One is believed to be part of the Cthonian cult that is so prevalent in the Lower Fickleham area. It is unsure when exactly the cult activity started but reliable records stretching back to Post Roman Britain mentioned horrible sacrifices to worm like creatures happening in the area.

The Crawling One is a formidable creature reported to be upwards of 20 feet tall and appearing to have a vaguely humanoid torso atop a slug like lower body. The head seems to be little more than an orifice from which it projects a vile corrosive ichor. A similar ichor covers most of the body making contact with it quite hazardous. The creature lives up to its name as while it moves at little more than a man's walking pace it can easily cross nearly any obstacle without slowing.


The first foray of the venerable Smethwick and Sons into automatons, the Mechanical Hounds were not a rousing success. Smethwick partnered with Abernathy Analogue Creations a London based firm specializing in difference engine construction. Marketed as a replacement for guard dogs/ hunting dogs the automatons never became popular. Mainly this was do to the fact that they had to be reprogrammed to recognize friend and foe each day as they only recognized them by the colors that they wore. This led to a widely reported embarrassing encounter between Lord Monck having to shim up a tree to escape his own pack of mechanical dogs after his jacket was covered in mud.

Many now find themselves in a less genteel owners hands. Some are used as as sentries around warehouses or other establishments where there are few people but they have also become favorites in the mechanical fighting pits all too common in the underworld dives. Quite frequently the difference engine is replaced with one programmed to be far more aggressive and dangerous. 

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