Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pug: Silver Tower Familiar

Quick update as I painted up another of the familiars from the set. I really like how he harkens back to the old metal familiar from many a year ago but updated to match Age of Sigmar. I decided to play up the motley in Tzeentch horror colors and of course gave him the classic yellow moon head.

His personal stylists working on his outfit.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Grot Scuttlings

With a box set as big as Silver Tower not every miniature can be a winner.  The grots happen to be the unfortunate recipients of that title.

I would have liked them  more if they had taken the spider mutations a bit further and avoided that rather awkward pose. 

I didn't spend  too much time on them keeping the colors muted and the painting pretty basic.
The grots are supposed to be goblins that have mutated to be part spider and now infest the Silver Tower like vermin. Chaos goblins are one of those classic Oldhammer concepts that could have been really cool but these figures just don't really live up to the potential.

My wife also finished the second pink horror. He's on the right.

Everything we have done so far. It's not looking good for the heroes right now.

Either way with these done we've passed the halfway mark on the set with 27 of the 51 complete.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tenebrael Shard

The past few weeks have seen a lull in painting. I simply haven't had much desire to get the brushes out. However this past weekend the wife and I got in on another Age of Sigmar game down at the local gamestore. This has managed to rekindle some modelling spirit in both of us. She is working on assembling some ghouls for her Death force (rather in the spirit of the season) and I finished off the next character for Silver Tower.

So far this has been the most difficult figure to paint from the set. Partially due to not really having any inspiration on how to paint him but mostly because he's physical hard to paint. He has so many overlapping layers of trailing cloth, flying chains, pointy blades and poofy hair that navigating the brush through it was very frustrating.

I veered away from GW standard dark  elves and instead tried something more like D&D's drow with a darker skin tone. I stole the lavender for the pants and cloth from an anime we recently watched. It's definitely not one of my go to colors but I think it worked out for him.

I also assembled the Grot scuttlings. They seem pretty easy so I'm gonna try to get all 8 done in one go and push up the finished model count.

I need to get some more dwarves put together before they get overwhelmed by ghouls!

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