Sunday, January 29, 2012

Call Scotland Yard!

Still working on sculpting. I started some more steampunk figs but they aren't really far enough along to show any pictures yet. But I do have three of my previous sculpts coming into the home stretch.

The first is the Victorian lady that I started in the first batch. Her dress is mostly done but her face is giving me troubles and I've redone it multiple times. Currently she is in between faces, hopefully to be corrected today. 

Next up I wanted to do a classic Victorian constable. I like this guys face but the hat needs some work and I'm afraid he ended up being a little on the large size. Also his pose isn't exactly what I planned but I'm not sure where it went wrong.

Finally, the inspector. I wanted him to look like a Victorian version of the hard boiled private dick. Hands in his pockets and hat pulled down low. This face definitely is coming off and of course his bowler needs to be added afterwards.

Overall, I'm happier with these three than the previous three so I'm making progress. I'll post some more pics when these get finished and the next trio are further along.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Victorian Sculpting

Looking at my pictures from yesterday I can't help but notice the flaws. I think this might be because the pictures are enlarged letting me see much greater detail. This has given me the idea of trying to use a magnifier when I'm working on these guys particularly the faces, hands, and other details. I also want to work more detail into their pants and try to avoid that seam line on their inner legs.

In the meantime I finished off my street tough/ pugilist. I'm happier with both the face and hands on him but I feel that there is definite room to improve. Finally a pic of all three of my completed Victorians together.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sculpting Update

Still working on my 15's. This past couple of weeks my hands dried out and started to peel turning into lizard hands as my lovely photographer put it. Kinda slowed me down since it was like sculpting with leather gloves on. Tough doing detail work and really hard handling the putty. They are mostly better now so hopefully I can finish off some of the guys that are almost done. I've got ideas for a whole bunch more. Also thinking about picking up some 15's from Black Hat or Blue Moon. Both of which look like they would fit in pretty well. I'd like my guys to match what is already out there.

Here is the gentleman completed. Not completely happy with his face or hands. The size makes the fine work like that pretty difficult. Not sure if I need to change my technique or even my tools for working on them or just more practice. Hopefully the last!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Forced Perspective

I thought I would illustrate what I meant a couple of posts ago when I was talking about forced perspective. Just playing around with what I have on my work desk I wanted to show the adaptability of a model like the Privateer Press warjacks. Since they don't really have any clear clues to what size they are they are scale neutral. ( At least from the front. On the back there are gauges and the fire box door to give the scale away a bit more.)

So what does that mean? Well if you put him next to a 28mm figure then he looks like a big robot.

Dr. Oculus and his trusty autonomous companion?
But if you put him next to a 15mm figure then he looks like a 50' tall giant robot or mecha. Far more impressive!
A detective and his steam driven mechanical war machine!
If you add in terrain scaled correctly it works even better. Hopefully I can show some pictures of that in the future.

Monday, January 2, 2012

15mm Victorian Sculpts 2

Here are some pics of the Victorian 15mm guys I've been working on. Normally, I prefer Greenstuff for sculpting but my supply is getting a little low so I decided to use some Procreate that I had laying around. I wasn't thrilled with the feel of it when working in larger scales but the more clay like properties works for this smaller scale.

                                               Classic Sherlock Holmes almost complete.

                                                                Street Tough/ Boxer

                                                       Portly Gentleman/ Classic Watson

                                                                        Victorian Lady

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