Thursday, January 5, 2012

Forced Perspective

I thought I would illustrate what I meant a couple of posts ago when I was talking about forced perspective. Just playing around with what I have on my work desk I wanted to show the adaptability of a model like the Privateer Press warjacks. Since they don't really have any clear clues to what size they are they are scale neutral. ( At least from the front. On the back there are gauges and the fire box door to give the scale away a bit more.)

So what does that mean? Well if you put him next to a 28mm figure then he looks like a big robot.

Dr. Oculus and his trusty autonomous companion?
But if you put him next to a 15mm figure then he looks like a 50' tall giant robot or mecha. Far more impressive!
A detective and his steam driven mechanical war machine!
If you add in terrain scaled correctly it works even better. Hopefully I can show some pictures of that in the future.

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