Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More hedges

Here is the rest of the first batch of hedges done. I'm going to make a second set as these were pretty easy and fun to do. Probably make them shorter than the first ones and definitely need to make some gates and corner pieces.

In the meantime I realized that I need to start making some boards for all of this stuff to go on. I've been debating what size and style to go with. Although I visually prefer specific built boards I think for ease of use and practicality I'll make simpler modular ones to start.

Having not played a game yet I'm really not sure how big of a board I should be aiming for. But I'm thinking between manipulating force size and how dense the terrain is I can get away with something along the lines of 4' x 4'. 1 foot squares would give a lot of variety but they don't have a lot of room to make features. 2' square might end up being a little more difficult to store for me.

Just about enough to make a half way decent hedge maze.

So in the end I'm compromising with 1.5' squares. I'm planning on four easy sections first, two with roads and two with hills.

My basic layout currently under close inspection.

Friday, March 7, 2014


My first set of hedges are mostly finished now but first I also quickly painted up another figure. Once again he is from Khurasan this time from the zombie line and is one of the locals from the Stay off the Moors! set. Although a couple of the figures won't work for me I thought most of them would work as armed Victorian townsfolk as well.

Simple straight forward paint scheme for this simple farmer.

Unfortunately afflicted with the horrible "Sprayed on Cat Hair" disease. Rampant in this neck of the woods.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Over Hedge and Field

Inspired by the scouring pad hedges seen on Panzerkaputs blog I decided to try my hand at the same. Since mine are for 15mm I made a couple of changes. I painted the scouring pad brown after teasing it into the general shape I wanted. I'm hoping it will end up looking like the twiggy under structure.

I also tried out my first attempt at a matte painting for the background.
I didn't want to use the same flock that I used for ground cover but didn't really have anything else at hand. After a bit of research I decided to try making my own sawdust flocking. Luckily due to some old wood working projects and my natural distaste of cleaning up I have a sizable supply of sawdust in the basement. After some sifting I mixed up a double handful of sawdust with watered down green craft paint. After drying over night and breaking up some clumps it turned out surprisingly well. The resulting flock went on top as the hedges foliage.

I wanted the hedges to be large enough to complete cover a man but let larger war-machines still see over.
 I glued it to a felt/caulking strip in the same style as the plowed fields I did.Then finished it up the same way. This is my first finished test piece but I have about ten more to finish up the same way. I will probably make a few more shorter ones as well.

It might come as no surprise that these fellows haven't been keeping up on their trimming.

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