Saturday, March 1, 2014

Over Hedge and Field

Inspired by the scouring pad hedges seen on Panzerkaputs blog I decided to try my hand at the same. Since mine are for 15mm I made a couple of changes. I painted the scouring pad brown after teasing it into the general shape I wanted. I'm hoping it will end up looking like the twiggy under structure.

I also tried out my first attempt at a matte painting for the background.
I didn't want to use the same flock that I used for ground cover but didn't really have anything else at hand. After a bit of research I decided to try making my own sawdust flocking. Luckily due to some old wood working projects and my natural distaste of cleaning up I have a sizable supply of sawdust in the basement. After some sifting I mixed up a double handful of sawdust with watered down green craft paint. After drying over night and breaking up some clumps it turned out surprisingly well. The resulting flock went on top as the hedges foliage.

I wanted the hedges to be large enough to complete cover a man but let larger war-machines still see over.
 I glued it to a felt/caulking strip in the same style as the plowed fields I did.Then finished it up the same way. This is my first finished test piece but I have about ten more to finish up the same way. I will probably make a few more shorter ones as well.

It might come as no surprise that these fellows haven't been keeping up on their trimming.


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