Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"We Dig In Dirt And Hide From Birds!"

... "That's a Life of a Lowly Worm!"

Of course this particular worm would require a rather large bird to hide from!

This is the finished repaint of the Crawling One from Arkham Horror. I was trying to get a look similar to the blobfish. I really wanted that translucent skin but that was a little beyond me. Instead I used a combination of inks and my usual flesh-tone mixed with grays. I like the final effect and intend to use it on a couple more figures. In order that I actually remember the combination I included it below. 

Basecoat with Beige Red/ Violet
Highlighted up with Beige Red mixed with Dark Sea Grey, then mixed with Medium Sea Grey. 
 Wash with mixes of orange and blue ink and spots of purple ink

 Final highlights with thin Beige Red/ Sky Grey.
Worm thing versus Colossus!

"What could of eaten all of my cabbages?"

 Ten bonus points to anyone who can give me the next stanza of the fight song of Learnmore High.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Building Plans

More new buildings in Lower Fickleham, a cottage with walled garden and two more outbuildings. (I'm a big fan of outbuildings.) This is the penultimate group of the ones I bought. I still have the largest of them, the manor, on the worktable but it should be done fairly soon as well as I pretty much have my painting technique down on them.

The AirCaptain looks around a small cottage he is thinking of renting.

It does have a nice enclosed garden and a small shed in the back.
The other outbuilding hangs precariously over the edge of town.

I want to continue to expand the town and I'm currently trying to figure out exactly how I want to go about it. I have a laundry list of ideas, most of which I'm going to need to scratchbuild so it might take some time to get through it. I'd like to start making some more urban and industrial style buildings. These would allow me to stretch Lower Fickleham into the suburbs of a city or at least give me a transition into one.

With the possible entertainment of a domestic squabble in the back alley?

In the short term I'm going to try to knock out some smaller projects for the town. I have some ideas for stone walls, plowed fields, and wheat fields to try to dress up the surroundings. I'd also like to make some smaller pieces to throw around and add some life. Maybe some market stalls or something similar. I also want to make some gas streetlights but I'm still on the lookout for some parts to construct them out of.

Just another sleepy day in Lower Fickleham.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shove off Shoggoth!

After a rather promising start to September I managed to slip back into my usual September doldrums. I'm not sure what it is but September has always been a slow hobby month for me. But I have managed some dribs and drabs here and there that have advanced a couple of projects.

First off I finished off the second Shoggoth the one that I sculpted myself last month. I painted him up to match the other and all and all I'm happy with the way he turned out.

Charles and Rowsdower have perhaps bit off more than they can chew this time around!

"Chuck! My pistols are having no effect on this beast!"

Luckily, reinforcements aren't far behind.

" Aim for the green parts! I think they are vulnerable!"

Clash of the Titans!

But it's not alone!

Battle in the streets of Lower Fickleham!
Looking over the pictures I think I need to do up some cultists to go along with them. I'll have to look around for anyone who sells some nice ones in 15mm or else I might resort to sculpting them myself.

Also the next set of buildings are almost done so hopefully I'll be able to post them up later this week.
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