Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"We Dig In Dirt And Hide From Birds!"

... "That's a Life of a Lowly Worm!"

Of course this particular worm would require a rather large bird to hide from!

This is the finished repaint of the Crawling One from Arkham Horror. I was trying to get a look similar to the blobfish. I really wanted that translucent skin but that was a little beyond me. Instead I used a combination of inks and my usual flesh-tone mixed with grays. I like the final effect and intend to use it on a couple more figures. In order that I actually remember the combination I included it below. 

Basecoat with Beige Red/ Violet
Highlighted up with Beige Red mixed with Dark Sea Grey, then mixed with Medium Sea Grey. 
 Wash with mixes of orange and blue ink and spots of purple ink

 Final highlights with thin Beige Red/ Sky Grey.
Worm thing versus Colossus!

"What could of eaten all of my cabbages?"

 Ten bonus points to anyone who can give me the next stanza of the fight song of Learnmore High.


  1. Very effective! I think the violet made it.

  2. Excellent work, the paint job works really well

  3. Love it - I tried something similar on my Giant Worm figure but couldn't pull it off like you did
    Great job!

  4. Thanks everyone! The biggest surprise for me was that where the inks combined they made a really rich brown color. Something I'll definetly keep in mind for the future.

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