Saturday, November 12, 2016

More Cultists

I still think that there is something about worshipping chaos that causes abnormal muscle growth. Even Tzeentch cultists that you would think spend most of their time reading spellbooks and cackling maniacally are built like professional athletes. Followers of Khorne are probably just slabs of muscle on top of other muscles! I guess only Papa Nurgle has no interest in the Chaos gym scene.

I finished up the second group of cultists. I did a simple shield swap with a Tzanagor's shield for the one but tried to differentiate them by basically inverting the colors from the last group. I copied the skin tone from the Dark Elf hero I did previously and went with white for the fancy loincloth/skirts/shorts things they're wearing.

With these done I'd say we're  about 3 quarters done with the set. I'm saving some of my favorites for the end but next up will be another familiar and then the Skaven assassin.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pug: Silver Tower Familiar

Quick update as I painted up another of the familiars from the set. I really like how he harkens back to the old metal familiar from many a year ago but updated to match Age of Sigmar. I decided to play up the motley in Tzeentch horror colors and of course gave him the classic yellow moon head.

His personal stylists working on his outfit.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Grot Scuttlings

With a box set as big as Silver Tower not every miniature can be a winner.  The grots happen to be the unfortunate recipients of that title.

I would have liked them  more if they had taken the spider mutations a bit further and avoided that rather awkward pose. 

I didn't spend  too much time on them keeping the colors muted and the painting pretty basic.
The grots are supposed to be goblins that have mutated to be part spider and now infest the Silver Tower like vermin. Chaos goblins are one of those classic Oldhammer concepts that could have been really cool but these figures just don't really live up to the potential.

My wife also finished the second pink horror. He's on the right.

Everything we have done so far. It's not looking good for the heroes right now.

Either way with these done we've passed the halfway mark on the set with 27 of the 51 complete.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tenebrael Shard

The past few weeks have seen a lull in painting. I simply haven't had much desire to get the brushes out. However this past weekend the wife and I got in on another Age of Sigmar game down at the local gamestore. This has managed to rekindle some modelling spirit in both of us. She is working on assembling some ghouls for her Death force (rather in the spirit of the season) and I finished off the next character for Silver Tower.

So far this has been the most difficult figure to paint from the set. Partially due to not really having any inspiration on how to paint him but mostly because he's physical hard to paint. He has so many overlapping layers of trailing cloth, flying chains, pointy blades and poofy hair that navigating the brush through it was very frustrating.

I veered away from GW standard dark  elves and instead tried something more like D&D's drow with a darker skin tone. I stole the lavender for the pants and cloth from an anime we recently watched. It's definitely not one of my go to colors but I think it worked out for him.

I also assembled the Grot scuttlings. They seem pretty easy so I'm gonna try to get all 8 done in one go and push up the finished model count.

I need to get some more dwarves put together before they get overwhelmed by ghouls!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Silver Tower Familiar

Finally able to post up another completed figure for Silver Tower. He might not be big in stature but like all of the familiars he's full of character.

Both of our familiars painted so far. 
With a few friends to see that he's just a little guy. 

This one is Tweak who believes himself to be a Lord of Change and is constantly giving out advice and I imagine commentary on everyone else's failures. Since he's suppose to be a chatterbox I painted him in the same colors as our green cheek conure Yoshi, who similarly never seems to shut up.

Hoping to get back on track with painting the rest of the set but right now we're at 17 of 51 complete. The Tenebrael Shard is next on the painting table for me.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Brimstone Horrors

With the holiday weekend rolling by the Brimstone Horrors were added to the painted column. The basic paint scheme had already been worked out with the flames from the Blue Horrors earlier and I just tried to keep the overall humanoid shape visible through the flames.

Since they're made from living flame I decided to try to out some source lighting on the bases. After reading a couple of tutorials I dived in. I'll be honest I'm not entirely happy with the outcome but for a first try I guess it could have been worse. 

With 4 more models done for Silver Tower that brings us up to 16 of 51 models complete. The halfway point is coming into view!

The Brimstone Horror is a new addition to Tzeentch's daemon line up. Two combine to make a Blue Horror just as two Blue Horrors make a Pink. Of course in the game it usually happens the other way and you'll get a pair of Brimstones after destroying a Blue Horror. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Horrors, the Horrors ...

Next up in the painting queue for Silver Tower are a collection of Tzeentch horrors. I grabbed the 4 Blue Horrors to work on. One of the things to get used to with the box set is that it contains 2 big sprues of all of the bad guys so you end up with 2 of each figure. When I painted the cultists I only did half of what comes in the set, as painting 4 models at a time is kinda my limit.

Double the Horror!
 Normally my OCD would kick in and I'd convert the second set so I wouldn't have duplicate sculpts but I'd like to get the set painted and be able to play a game sometime in my lifetime so I needed to find a quicker way with the Horrors.  Since about 95% of each figure is their skin and I'm kinda limited by making them blue I settled on trying to paint one set dark blue in the center fading out lighter on the limbs and the other the opposite.

I wanted the fire to look unantural so I kinda skewed normal fire colors over into the more vibrant shades. I'll paint up the Brimstone Horrors the same way.

My wife has also been painting some of the figures and has finished off one of the Pink Horrors and the fishman familiar, Slop. I really like the way she did the familiar I'm hoping I can do as good a job on mine!

The Pink Horror comes in 2 pieces with the inside of the mouth attached to the body and the face on the other. Cleverly, she painted the mouth before gluing it together something that I wouldn't of thought of.

Hopefully Doomseeker Garin Grumblebeard will make it back to tavern to complain over another tankard of ale after accidentally wandering into the local daemon union meeting.

We have 12 of the 51 figures done so far. The Brimstone Horrors are currently on the paint table for me and the last of the Pink Horrors for her. Finishing off these daemons will put us well over a quarter of the way done. Maybe we'll even get a game in before the leaves fall!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Silver Tower Denizens Rebased

Quick post as I've painted up some bases and rebased my previous Silver Tower figures. I think the new bases work pretty well with the room tiles. I have two different tiles in the pictures.

I've also finished off some horrors and my wife has a couple of figures almost done as well. Just need to seal them and I should be able to show some pictures off.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Roads No Longer Taken

No, I'm not going to wax philosphical about changing lives and such. Instead this is about an experiment to make a flexible road for my alien world terrain. To fit in with the Big Stone Heads I wanted the road to look like ancient stone pavers that have been partially reclaimed by nature.

They won't break line of site or anything useful in a game of 40k but they help tell a story with the terrain setup and those really are my favorite type of pieces.

The basic plan is the same as all the rest of my flexible pieces with the addition of some stone slabs made out of pink foam. I wanted them to look weathered so they were sanded down then given a coat of wood putty. These were glued directly to the mesh base.

The roads are on the bottom right. The others are rough ground pieces that I worked on at the same time. 

The rest of the build was the usual except I've tried out some new material for longer grass. Going into the project I knew I didn't want to use my standard static grass or typical trees. I wanted to have a more alien looking flora. I have a plan for the trees which hopefully I'm finally getting close to starting but I was at a loss for grasses to match. Then while browsing through my flytying materials ( often raided for modelling) I found some crystal dubbing. I later bought several shades that I thought would work together and mixed up some grasses.

While its made of a similar material as normal static grass it's a bit shinier and sparklier. It's also a bit longer and more curled so I had to cut it up into shorter lengths. I'm not entirely convinced with the effect but I think it might look better once I have more pieces complete.

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