Monday, September 5, 2016

Brimstone Horrors

With the holiday weekend rolling by the Brimstone Horrors were added to the painted column. The basic paint scheme had already been worked out with the flames from the Blue Horrors earlier and I just tried to keep the overall humanoid shape visible through the flames.

Since they're made from living flame I decided to try to out some source lighting on the bases. After reading a couple of tutorials I dived in. I'll be honest I'm not entirely happy with the outcome but for a first try I guess it could have been worse. 

With 4 more models done for Silver Tower that brings us up to 16 of 51 models complete. The halfway point is coming into view!

The Brimstone Horror is a new addition to Tzeentch's daemon line up. Two combine to make a Blue Horror just as two Blue Horrors make a Pink. Of course in the game it usually happens the other way and you'll get a pair of Brimstones after destroying a Blue Horror. 


  1. Looks very nice. Proper old school chaos colours.

    1. Thanks, I think a lot of the figures from the set are harkening back to the old chaos figures.


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