Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Horrors, the Horrors ...

Next up in the painting queue for Silver Tower are a collection of Tzeentch horrors. I grabbed the 4 Blue Horrors to work on. One of the things to get used to with the box set is that it contains 2 big sprues of all of the bad guys so you end up with 2 of each figure. When I painted the cultists I only did half of what comes in the set, as painting 4 models at a time is kinda my limit.

Double the Horror!
 Normally my OCD would kick in and I'd convert the second set so I wouldn't have duplicate sculpts but I'd like to get the set painted and be able to play a game sometime in my lifetime so I needed to find a quicker way with the Horrors.  Since about 95% of each figure is their skin and I'm kinda limited by making them blue I settled on trying to paint one set dark blue in the center fading out lighter on the limbs and the other the opposite.

I wanted the fire to look unantural so I kinda skewed normal fire colors over into the more vibrant shades. I'll paint up the Brimstone Horrors the same way.

My wife has also been painting some of the figures and has finished off one of the Pink Horrors and the fishman familiar, Slop. I really like the way she did the familiar I'm hoping I can do as good a job on mine!

The Pink Horror comes in 2 pieces with the inside of the mouth attached to the body and the face on the other. Cleverly, she painted the mouth before gluing it together something that I wouldn't of thought of.

Hopefully Doomseeker Garin Grumblebeard will make it back to tavern to complain over another tankard of ale after accidentally wandering into the local daemon union meeting.

We have 12 of the 51 figures done so far. The Brimstone Horrors are currently on the paint table for me and the last of the Pink Horrors for her. Finishing off these daemons will put us well over a quarter of the way done. Maybe we'll even get a game in before the leaves fall!


  1. They truly are horrible.. and I say that in a good way. I have to agree with you, I'd love to convert all the models that are in the same pose, maybe even just turn an arm or tentacle or two. But the time effort involved is just too much. Your paint scheme works well though, it gives them a bit of distinction. I also like the way you colored the flames. Looking forward to seeing those colors on the little flame guys.

  2. Thanks!Hoping to get the Brimstone Horrors done this weekend if the holiday doesn't interfere too much.


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