Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Zap" Rowsdower

"Zap" is another figure from the Highlander Studios adventurers pack. I'm thinking he's either suppose to be Wild Bill Hickok or maybe Custer. Either way as soon as I saw that mane of hair I knew I had found my Rowsdower.

Looking down the business end of those Conflagration Beam pistols.
For those that haven't seen Final Sacrifice, Rowsdower is the action hero of a low budget, Canadian  B-movie. Here is a good review of it at Canuxploitation. Canada's answer to Chuck Norris is of course dressed in a denim jacket, white pants and sports some great hockey hair. I tried to paint a VSF version of the same outfit.

Jacket and hair make the man my Grand-pappy always said.
The movie version sports a shotgun and a smelly jacket as his weapons of choice. The jacket looks just as smelly but I decided to not mess with the sculpts twin blaster pistols. I think the hardest part was trying to make a denim look to his jacket. It's really suppose to be buckskin but I've seen plenty of denim jackets with the same fringe on them when I was growing up, although they usually had some sort of band logo ironed onto the back. I tried to keep the denim look but keep it a more muted blue.

Zap and Charles Allen investigate a mysterious shed. Chuck is sorta my version of Troy from the film.

And finally a picture of the man himself in his original form. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Good Professor

Here is one more of my sculpts painted up. Professor Emil debuted on the blog quite some time ago. He actually has a back story worked out in my Steamworks setting but for now I'm just going to use him as a pretty standard mad scientist.

With him done I think I only have two of my sculpts still to paint. However, I've just started work on sculpting some new ones so that tally might not last too long.

I tried giving him a patterned scarf but I'm not sure how well it came out. Painting plaid in 15mm is some what challenging!

I made sure his lab coat had the required dirt and grime stains from previous experiments.

Here are my favorites so far that I have sculpted. All together they kind of look like they should be in a League of More or Less Ordinary Gentleman.

I doubt that I've ever mentioned this on here before but my wife and I have both recently taken up bird watching. She has decided to start a new blog chronicling our misadventures of trying to see the local wildlife an hopefully take their picture. If you would like to read what we've been up to please visit or you can just stop by and take a look at all of the nice pictures she takes of birds, bugs, and the rest of nature. You can find it here: A Bird on a Blog is Worth Two in a Bush.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monster Mashup

In an effort to beef up my monster collection I made my own Shoggoth. I wanted to make him a little more amoeba like and in a more aggressive pose than the one I painted from Reaper miniatures. So here is a more or less step by step to my slapdash method.

I started by making the basic shape  and a bunch of spheres out of leftover DAS I had while making cobblestones.

I then cut the spheres apart and super-glued them to the core. They were kinda rough so I hit the larger ones with some fine sand paper too.

I then started to build up the body with some Procreate. I attached him temporarily to a big base I had lying around to hold onto while sculpting.

I tried to make the flesh kinda ropey but fluid, like he was made out of lumpy pudding. I also gave him some tentacle like appendages because tentacles make everything better.

I've also been looking for other possible candidates to add. I've found a couple prepaints for Arkham Horror from Fantasy Flight Games that I think might work. These will probably hold me over for a while although I'm keeping my eye out for the Cthulhu Wars miniatures. I missed the Kickstarter for it but I definitely like the look of them, especially the Elder Gods.

Shoggoth - I'll paint him up like my Reaper one I think.
Crawling One
Star Vampire - It seems like Sherlock is having a hard time of it today.
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