Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monster Mashup

In an effort to beef up my monster collection I made my own Shoggoth. I wanted to make him a little more amoeba like and in a more aggressive pose than the one I painted from Reaper miniatures. So here is a more or less step by step to my slapdash method.

I started by making the basic shape  and a bunch of spheres out of leftover DAS I had while making cobblestones.

I then cut the spheres apart and super-glued them to the core. They were kinda rough so I hit the larger ones with some fine sand paper too.

I then started to build up the body with some Procreate. I attached him temporarily to a big base I had lying around to hold onto while sculpting.

I tried to make the flesh kinda ropey but fluid, like he was made out of lumpy pudding. I also gave him some tentacle like appendages because tentacles make everything better.

I've also been looking for other possible candidates to add. I've found a couple prepaints for Arkham Horror from Fantasy Flight Games that I think might work. These will probably hold me over for a while although I'm keeping my eye out for the Cthulhu Wars miniatures. I missed the Kickstarter for it but I definitely like the look of them, especially the Elder Gods.

Shoggoth - I'll paint him up like my Reaper one I think.
Crawling One
Star Vampire - It seems like Sherlock is having a hard time of it today.


  1. I like the Shoggoth. But in the first picture it looks a little dodgy!

    1. Lol, thanks Mark. My wife pointed out the same thing to me today, a rather unfortunate angle to take the picture at I guess. Too bad it's far too late to take another one.

  2. I like viewing the step by step photos


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