Saturday, August 31, 2013

Monsieur Jaques

I've been working away at my painting up my previous sculpts and here is one more. I finished sculpting this guy it seems like ages ago, here's the original post. I think he works pretty well as a Victorian worker or criminal or whatever. It might be hard to tell in these pictures but that's suppose to be revolver he's holding. I guess he had a bad shift at the factory or maybe he's on an unexpected adventure. I'd really like to sculpt a few more unarmed civilians to fill in the streets a bit more and give it a little life. Shopkeepers, house wives, some workers, etc...

Is he looking for some trouble or is he just jumpy due to the enormous cat hair on the ground.

I kept the palette simple with him and knocked him out pretty quickly. I actually found a picture of some people dressed up in period clothing from a show about people trying to live as 1890's farmers in Snowdonia. I'm guessing the show was a while ago as the website hadn't been updated in a while. I might have to try to track it down I used to enjoy watching that type of show although I'm not entirely sure about the authenticity of some. 

In this case the it was nice to see a color picture of common people's clothing instead of just the top hats and tails that most people go for in recreations. I will say the clothing was probably a bit to clean and I'd be interested  in seeing some production pictures from the end of the show after they'd been sweating in them busting sod and quarrying slate.

Is that him behind me? I swear it was a cat the size of a battleship.
By the way that's the little chunk of cobblestones under his feet again. Not as blurry this time. (My lovely photographer took these as I'm sure you can tell since they actually look nice.)


  1. It must be wonderful to see one of your own creations come to life like this, wonderful stuff Brian.

    1. Thank you Michael! He is one my top three favorite sculpts I did so far along with the Aircaptain and a little fellow I have on my desk right now.

  2. Beautiful pictures, great looking mini, and fantastic walls!

    1. Thanks Phil, the walls are some of my buildings I put together to make a alleyway but I like the effect and might make a little corner just for taking pictures.


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