Monday, August 12, 2013

Charles Allen

Charles Allen checks his equipment before heading out.

I've been a little short of hobby time this past week as we had family come in from out of town. However I did manage to start on a couple of things that I will hopefully finish off this week. I also got some time yesterday to paint up on character. From the Highlander Space 1899 character pack he is going to represent a researcher for the Order of St. George, the Victorian British version of the BPRD in the Steamworks universe.
I tried some source lighting out on his pants from the power coils on the Voltaic Projector Rifle.
The new Aetherium Detector will hopefully allow him to home in on the fabled horned serpent of the Winnebago, Waktchexi!

Perhaps the creature is in the shed?

Next up finishing a couple more buildings, a robot, and another Shoggoth! Probably not all at the same time.


  1. He looks superb and ell done on the source lighting, something I'm just not brave enough to attempt.

    1. Thanks Michael, this was my first real try at it and I'm happy with how it turned out.


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