Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HMC Auster

One of the Mk.1 Tempest Class from the Armstrong Colossus Works, HMC Auster was commissioned in 1861.
 This is the second Colossus that I painted up for my armies, and once again it was based off of a Privateer Press Warjack. In this case a Cygnar Sentinel that I've had lying around forever. In fact he has appeared in his partial paint job from when he was going to be used for Warmachine several times in pictures on the blog to show off scale.
A single pilot class, the Auster was built around the new Hotchkiss Rotary 3lb Cannon.
Uniquely this class had a head that was able to move freely. While increasing range of vision it left the pilot dangerously confined and the design soon fell out of favor.
 I decided to finish him up but first I cut away any details that were out of scale, mainly handles and gauges, and ripped off the shield. I tried some different techniques than I normally do to try to make him look more like a 15mm mecha than a 28mm robot. Mainly filters to try to give it a better sense of scale, and careful drybrushing to emulate airbrush techniques. I also tried to keep the weathering in scale as well. I think it came out fairly well but I think next time I might try to make more modifications to the actual model to emphasize the scale first. I have a new plastic Cygnar Charger that I'm going to try out some ideas on.

It was first thought that the pilot would would be able to reload in the field. However, under battlefield conditions few pilots have the skill for the delicate manipulations required and field armourers are still required to keep the colossus in the field.
The Auster saw deployment with the Mobile Light Battery during the American Intervention. The Battery Recognition stripes are still evident.

Also at some point over the past week I reached both 20 followers ( 21 now actually, Welcome Edwin King!) and 2500 hits. I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who reads and comments on my blog. I started it as a personal project to keep me motivated but I've been surprised to find it very enjoyable to be part of an online community and for readers to find some interest in what I've done. Thank you Everyone!


  1. Great job Brian, he looks amazing - just what every hard pressed infantryman wants in support!

    1. Thank you Michael! I know which end I would want to be on.

  2. Great work! I think there is a lot of potential for warjacks for other systems & scales- this one looks great with that gun:very formidable in 15mm!

    1. Thanks LF, I have always liked the warjacks from Privateer Press and I think finding uncoventional uses for miniatures is fun all on its own. I'm always surprised and impressed by the creativity you use in repurposing figures on your blog.


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