Monday, January 23, 2012

Sculpting Update

Still working on my 15's. This past couple of weeks my hands dried out and started to peel turning into lizard hands as my lovely photographer put it. Kinda slowed me down since it was like sculpting with leather gloves on. Tough doing detail work and really hard handling the putty. They are mostly better now so hopefully I can finish off some of the guys that are almost done. I've got ideas for a whole bunch more. Also thinking about picking up some 15's from Black Hat or Blue Moon. Both of which look like they would fit in pretty well. I'd like my guys to match what is already out there.

Here is the gentleman completed. Not completely happy with his face or hands. The size makes the fine work like that pretty difficult. Not sure if I need to change my technique or even my tools for working on them or just more practice. Hopefully the last!

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