Monday, February 20, 2012

Mrs. Amelia Pelham

Many distractions and delays later I finally finished the Victorian Lady. I'm happy with her face but hands are still my downfall. I thought I would start adding a small story about each figure that would help breathe some life into both the figures I'm making and the larger world I see them fitting into. Most of this I make up as I'm sculpting. It keeps me interested and motivated to finish them. After all it is easy to stop creating some random sculpt but much harder to finish work on the imperious Mrs. Pelham. 

Wife of Reginald Pelham, owner of Pelham Dry Goods And Mechanicals, Amelia Pelham is one of many middle class women very much involved with the spiritualist scene of London. Here she is hurrying to a seance with the renowned medium Antoli Keerard with little concern for what the neighbors think. And certainly none for what Mr. Pelham thinks. 



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