Monday, July 2, 2012

Ruined Building

I've been taking a short break from sculpting and trying to clear some of the partially started projects from my queue. First on the list was this resin ruin. I didn't really spend to much time on it, just slapped a few layers of dry brushing on it. Still it works well enough. I'm pretty sure this was originally my friend Bill's purchased form 15mm WW II gaming on the eastern front. I dug it out of my basement a couple of months ago where it had been jumbled in with various miniature refugees from my past couple moves. Let me know if you want it back Bill. For the time being I'm going to use it as background to take some pictures with.

Some of the Prussian troops I finished. I intend to show some more pictures of them once I get the Prussian colossus done.


  1. Nice work! A good place to seek cover, or die!

    1. Thanks Scott! I'm thinking about getting some of the Old Glory Victorian buildings to go along with it.


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