Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Prussian Warmachine

Of particular concern to us was the preparedness of the Prussian forces. Why was the the XI Army Korps on maneuvers at that time and ready to cross over to Belgium so quickly? And given the fact that it took a rush effort to equip even a portion of our expeditionary force with proper gas-masks and suits, how was it that the Prussian were so well equipped with gas-masks? One begins to question if the Prussians had some foreknowledge of the events in Liege, or even had a hand in instigating them?
-The Right Honorable Earl of Shaftesbury Lord Ashley

Prussian Infantry from Fusilier Regiment Nr 34.

I've been working on a small Prussian force. The infantry are from Black Hat and are really rather nice. Their kit is nicely detailed. I have some more of these and a squad of clockwork soldiers as well which I'm thinking of painting up in green uniforms as Jaegers, maybe I'll sculpt the characteristic tshakos on them as well. I'll have to take a second look at the figures.

Grand Duke Class Colossus from 31st Division

The Colossus is a war machine Khador heavy war jack. I left the weapon armaments interchangeable with a simple pin system so I can mix and match. If I actually start doing regular gaming with them I'll think about swapping them out with magnetics. Otherwise the other main modification was to cut all of the spikes off of it. I just couldn't see the engineers at Krupp saying " You know what it needs? Some giant spikes on the edges! Those will only weigh a couple of tons each!" I'm not completely satisfied with the paint job, but I've rather run out of steam and ideas for painting him for now. I expect I'll revisit it and put some more weathering and details on it.

Prussian Colossus Grand Duke Karl Theodor Anton Maria von Dalberg

I'd like to find something to use as smaller colossi as well. Unfortunately, Khador doesn't have any light warjacks so I'm going to have to look elsewhere or try to convert something. I'm considering some of the mercenary jacks maybe with a rebuilt carapace and one of the spare heads from the Juggernaut I have.

"Grosser Karl" watches as a squad clears a ruined building in the outskirts of Liege.

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