Friday, July 20, 2012

Can't see the forest for the trees

I'm trying to quickly build up some terrain to go along with my newly painted figures. I thought I'd start with some trees since I had the materials lying around. These are based on the method described here on Carmen's Fun Painty Time ( a blog I highly recommend.) I originally was going to make some for 28mm figures but repurposed them for this and rebuilt them fit with 1/100 scale. I also glued a magnet to the bottom and smoothed out the trunk on them with putty.

My first trees put together and glued to magnets.

I noticed that once I cut them down to size the branches ended up looking a little to regular for my taste and a little too sparse. I mixed up a paste of flock, glue, and a little water and slathered that on in chunks across the branches. Once dried it ended up rock solid and also helped to bind the whole tree together.

My test run with the flocking. This one is gonna need some repainting to blend the colors together.

The "leaves" that are a part of the sprays are a little big for scale so next I'm going to put some more flock on to blend it together and finish it up with some paint. I'll put up some better pictures once they are complete.

The rest of the trees with the trunks sculpted on.

I also got some more casting resin and mold making material in the mail yesterday so I'm hoping to get back to work on my buildings over the next week as well.


  1. Thanks Scott! I like the more realistic three dimensionality of them. Also didn't realize to just now how much junk I've got sitting on my work area. Really need to clean up!


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