Friday, July 27, 2012


The trees have been taking a little longer than anticipated to complete. The larger ones tend to bend over as the flock is added to them so I've been building it up in stages and waiting for it to dry and harden before adding more. A more laborious process than I first envisioned, but they are almost ready for the next stage.

Trees are coming along. Work area still a disaster.

In the mean time I put together a lightbox to use with taking pictures. This is a project I've been wanting to do ever since my lovely photographer started doing my picture work for me. I think the lightbox will do justice to her equipment and yield some much nicer pictures. That's the theory at least. 

Its just a cardboard box with side panels cut out and white cloth hot glued in. Then I glued in a piece of poster board across the back and bottom. Very easy.  

I'm also working on some simple modular terrain that will fit inside and I'm considering some backdrops as well. The base is just going to be a plain green/brown board but I also want to do a similarly sized piece of cityscape as well.

Pink foam cut to fit inside and pieces of sheet metal that will be glued on to make the magnetic base.

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