Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lord Orpheus and the Spectral Dead

I'm going to play in a 40K campaign that is running at the local game store this weekend. I was pondering which force to play with when I remembered my ghost marines that I painted up about 4 years ago. So I had my lovely photographer take some quick pictures of them using the lightbox that I just made. I wanted to do a force that I didn't really need to spend much time painting and focused mainly on converting them to look like ghosts.I use the Chaos Space Marines army list for them and kinda stretched the unit types to portray their necromantic might.

Wights ordered into battle by their Necromancer (Thousand Sons Marines)

The Tomb of Zagreus (Dreadnought)
The Spectral Dead! (summoned Deamons)
Lord Orpheus ( Chaos Sorcerer)


  1. Great stuff! Even better in person!

    1. Thanks Scott! It was fun getting down to Phantom again and getting some gaming in again.


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