Friday, March 6, 2015

Martian Tripod

My first full sized Tripod is done for All Quiet on the Martian Front. I think the colors actually work better on the bigger version than they did with the drone.

The kit went together very easily once I managed to track down some instructions for assembly. And painting was pretty quick for such a large model. I really like the size of the model compared to the 15mm infantry. He really towers over the human figures and gives a nice sense of implacable evil.

The Brits I painted earlier look like they are in a difficult situation standing alone against the tripod.
After posting him up for the Challenge earlier this week Curt raised an interesting criticism. He was of the opinion that the face has a sort of goofy look to them, even likening the noble Martian war machine to a clown's face with the eye as a big red nose. I have to say he has a point, and it comes across especially in pictures. Since I have two more to build I might try to recess the eye into the face plate instead.

Malevolent eye or clown nose? You decide!
It got me to think about other Martian designs I've seen before and I have to admit I like other more sinister versions much better than this one. One of my favorites is actually from the JLA cartoon and had a much more organic and asymmetrical look to the tripod. They even gave Superman a hard time for a while up until the end of the episode when they were destroyed by the handful.

The other picture was pulled off of Wikipedia and I think this is more in the theme I wish they had gone for in All Quiet. Its much more menacing looking with a more organic styling to the machinery. Its not that I don't like the tripod as is, I do think it has a nice retro-futuristic style to it, but now all I can see is that damn clown nose.



  1. It looks very good Brian, but I must admit that by the end of the post I was staring at the red nose! The last drawing is from the Spielberg movie?!

    1. Thanks Mark! I'm afraid I couldn't find where the last drawing was from so it is possible it was at least inspired by the movie. I have to admit that I've never seen that one in its entirety and I can't really remeber the details of the design they used.

  2. I enjoy the red nose. Staypuft Marshmellowman comes to mind.


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