Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bonus Round 6: Uhtred of Bebbanburg

For the final bonus round the theme was Anti-Hero. I actually had a plan for this one laid out a while ago but forgot to get the correct miniature ordered in time. ( When he does arrive this week he'll still get painted up and submitted as my entry fee.) I was left looking around for another option as
I didn't want to miss another bonus entry round.

Fortunately I had just read the latest book in the Saxon Stories series by Bernard Cornwell. I still had the command sprue from the plastic Gripping Beast Thegns and figured I could turn the leader into the indomitable Uhtred of Bebbanburg. First up the figure need a couple of modifications. I sculpted some fur onto his cloak to give him a bit more savage appearance and of course changed the prominent cross on his chest to an amulet of Thor.

I couldn't remember a good description of colors from the books but I always imagined him in grays and other dull colors so I went with a sea grey for the cloak but gave him a touch of color on the hem of his tunic. I hand painted on a wolf's head for his shield as the traditional heraldry of Bebbanburg and gave him overall a little bit of weathering to give that fresh off the battlefield look.


  1. Very evocative scenic shot. The arid terrain with barren rocks in the background set the scene perfectly for the hardend warrior, that prepares for the cold night in this inhospital environment.

    Your additions of fur and the pendant are nicely executed and looks as if they are part of the original miniature. The subtle dust effects on the cloak add to the overall atmosphere of the shot and also add some grittiness. I very much enjoy the freehand on the tunics rim. It provides a fine contrast and guides the eye. The wolf freehand on the shield is equally eye catching. It is not too contrast rich, giving the figure once again a nice dust weathered look.

    The only improvment I could suggest would be to bring out the visible parts of the face more, to have a counter point to the richly adorned tunic. It might also pay to add some dry shrubs to the base or some fine sand for more texture, or a stone here and there to add some interest.

    However, overall a very nice miniature, subtle, yet very well executed conversions and finally a very convincing photo composition that is a pleasure to look at.

  2. Thanks for the well thought out comments. I agree with your suggestions for improvements and I'll probably go back and add some of them. I was going to mount him into a display base with the prow of a beached longship behind him but ran out of time and enthusiasm to complete it. If I do follow through with it I'll be sure to post some more pics.


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