Thursday, July 3, 2014

Timewarp Thursday! Orks!

With the talk on various blogs of the new arrival of the Ork Codex for 40k it got me thinking about my own long mothballed Ork army. Many years ago I was a pretty dedicated player of 40k although even then it was mostly about the background and modelling. My clan of choice for the Orks was always the Blood Axes as their bizzaro interpretation of the Imperial Guard always struck a chord with me.

Da Kaptan and his pet Squig
This is actually the second time I built a Blood Axe army and I still regret selling off the first one especially since I never took any pictures of it. In particular I wish I had some pictures of my Rambo-styled Kommandos and the fearless leader Kommisar Klang. This time I at least want some pictures to be able to remember my work if I ever have to part with them again.

'ard Boyz made with Black Orc parts
All of the work for these guys was done way back in 2008 and they were put together pretty quickly hence the simple, rust and red paint scheme. I wanted to get a force on the table and then add the character to it later. I originally planned to go with more of a Orkish Afrika Korps look for later models, especially the tank hunters and kommandos. I still have some partially converted but by then I had moved onto other projects. Maybe one day I'll get back to them.

My lone Mega Armour Ork and the back half of a Trukk

This looted Leman Russ was one of my favorites but routinely performed horribly in games. 

Most of the boyz were built from the Assault on Black Reach box. 

Shoota Boyz - I had a bunch more ready to paint with the forage caps sculpted on but that was when I ran out of steam for the army. 


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