Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crate Factory

Is there a equivalent term for crates as a cooper is to barrels? I'm guessing not but maybe there should be.

I decided on a pancake or plug style mold for the crates. Basically a one piece mold but with a lid on it. In the past I have always made two part drop style molds where you poor the resin into the assembled mold or simple one piece molds that are open on top. So this is a bit of an experiment.

Not only is the mold a rather nice shade of purple but it also smells kinda like grapes.
Making the actual mold was a bit of an adventure as I'm using a new material. Didn't realize till now that instead of any easy 1:1 mix like what i use to use it this one is 10:1 by weight. I didn't have a scale on hand so I eyeballed it and luckily it turned out alright. A few castings later and I had a nice handful of crates ready to go.

First pile of crates for everyone to hide behind.


  1. This is so cool. Are these ones for 28mm?

    1. Thanks Mark, no I'm still working in 15 mm. I'd like to get back to 28's again but feel committed to this scale until i can at least get some games in.


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