Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blog Reconstruction

One of my year's resolutions was to rework the look of my blog. Now over halfway through the year I finally got around to doing something. I'll still keep playing with it till I get a look that I like, so there will probably be more interim stages till I get there.

Aside from cosmetics the big change is adding a second page where I'm going to start putting the stat cards and game mechanics for my SteamWorks stuff. The main page will stay with just modelling related posts. I had to fight with Blogger for over an hour to get it to work and just when I was about to give up, Presto! magically it was fine. As much as I like the free platform of Blogger (and I know you get what you pay for) I wish it was a little more user friendly. Anyways you can get to the other page through the tab just below the title picture.

Unit card done up for Gruntz. Find out more on the SteamWorks page!
Cause I feel bad not putting some kind of miniature picture: A shot of my painting queue, in no particular order.


  1. Like the new banner picture. Blogger can be a bitch! I would like to modify my blog but having wasted time in the past like you describe, I keep putting off the anticipated loss of hours!

  2. Having just overhauled my blog I can appreciate the work you are putting in the new banner is a nice addition

  3. This all looks very smart Brian, love the new look.

  4. I too like the new look. I'm always trying to improve my own and yes Blogger can be a pain to do that.
    I like the new banner, and that fact that you managed to use the whole width of the screen rather than have the large side borders Blogger templates use - I've yet to crack how to do that!

  5. Thanks everyone! Still a work in progress but if I actually figure out how I managed to get anything to work in Blogger I'll pass it along.


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