Friday, July 11, 2014

Back to the Terrain Boards

Quick update on the terrain boards that I started some time ago. I'm doing the roughing in on the four sections. These are 1.5' square, an odd size I ended up using mostly for storage considerations.

I glued up the hill sections using Gorilla glue based on information from David Neat's excellent website. Highly recommend and thanks to Tony at Dampf's Modeling Page for including the link in a previous post. Also highly recommend if you aren't checking out his blog.

Gorilla Glue is a foaming polyurethane that reacts with water and bonds the pink foam really well. I've previously used both PVA and Liquid nails and this stuff while pricey beats them hands down.

Where the Pink Panther is peeking over is about where one rock face will go with a second above it. The rest will be smoothed down.
I also cut down the road sections and then had to smooth the resulting hacking back down. I just roughly packed in some DAS to level it. Seeing how well the Glue worked I'll probably cut sections out completely, cut them down and reglue them in the future.

I'm thinking I'm going to work on the road in sections in order to avoid paving induced insanity.
Next steps are sanding everything, pressing in the road pattern, and carving out some rock faces. I also need to look up some examples of cobblestone road intersection and how the stones ended up being laid.

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