Sunday, June 30, 2013

Praxis Hyper Structures Corporation

I was hoping to get this guy done before going away but didn't quite get the time. An intermittently rainy day allowed me to finish him up today though. 

I was torn with Rebel's Titan Marines. I really like their sorta Germans in Space look with the helmets and gasmasks. I might still use some as special troops for SteamWorks, but the indents in the armor made them look a little too much like BMX biker for me. So they get to go into Ark Tangent instead for now.

On patrol in the crystal trees.

They got a fairly straightforward paint scheme as they are suppose to represent the standard human tech level. I liked the earthtones of the paintjob up on Rebel's site and stole the flat tone for armor over camo cloth from Dwartist's recent work on the Eisenkern troopers. I think I need a little more practice with the camo as it's a little blobby.

Praxis Hyper Structures Security Forces 

Towards the end of the century worsening conditions due to social unrest, climate change, and lingering fallout from the Eurasian Crisis led many to seek a more controlled life. Praxis Hyper Structures responded by building the first arcologies, massive self contained and self sustaining cities, such as Atlantis City off the east coast of the United States and Shangri-La City in China. Unfortunately for PHS, even as the the first cities were being completed many of the new technologies derived from Traveller research were beginning to alleviate the problems that led to the arcologies construction.

The new cities became playlands for the ultra rich and the company was forced to resort to paying people to live there in order to keep necessary systems staffed and working. The coming of the Ark changed this completley. Now the cities are flooded with refugees seeking safety from the hazardous atmosphere within the enclosed ecology of the cities. 

With the retreat of the United World Government to its near orbit facilities and strongholds the arcologies have become city states across the world. Military units left behind have joined up with the police forces of the arcologies to form powerful militaries in the changing lands. It is not uncommon to see heavy mecha and armed platoons patrolling the outskirts of PHS facilities in Praxis Security Force colors.

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