Monday, June 10, 2013

Jovian Collective

I used the Shalur Mercenaries for the Jovian Collective and then gave them a bone color scheme. Nothing says techno-organic body armor and technology like a nice bone scheme. I really like these sculpts and he was nice and quick to paint up.

The Jovian Collective

The Jovian Collective was born at the Europan Traveller Research Base. At the turn of the century the discovery of an extraterrestrial spacecraft buried within the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa, dubbed the Traveller, launched a massive research mission. Funded by the newly formed Unified Earth Government and several of the largest corporations the research base was designed to be completely self sustaining in Jupiter's orbit.

After making initial discoveries from the Traveller that revolutionized almost every field of science and engineering, the research staff broke off from the UEG and formed its own nation, the Jovian Collective. The researchers had unlocked alien nanotech technology and used it to make themselves the first TransHuman race. An attempt by the UEG to reclaim the colony was defeated in humiliating fashion and since then the Jovian Collective has kept themselves isolated within Jupiter's reach. However, the coming of the Ark can not be ignored and for the first time the Jovians are returning to Earth.

In a practical sense the Jovians can not die. They have found a way to link their minds to a central repository and can switch their consciousness between special grown bodies. Each body is specialized for a specific task and the synth warrior model used for combat is no exception. Capable of fearsome feats of martial prowess the Jovians show little fear as they know that even if that body is destroyed they will simply download their consciousness into another.  

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