Monday, June 17, 2013

The Backwater of the Galaxy

All of the alien figures from Rebel are really great. This one is from the character pack from the pangalactic legion. I imagine he's a hardbitten sergeant that's probably seen too much in his time.

I wanted all of my aliens to look rather down on their luck and rough and tumble. I painted him with a simple neutral grey green scheme and then dirtied it up and added a lot of chipping and wear. For contrast I painted the skin a nice purple.


The first ships arrived even as the Ark began to xenoform the Earth. These were not the sleek hyperreal design of the Traveller. Instead they were ramshackle and barely holding together. This was not an invasion force but a pack of scavengers and nomads following along in the hyperspace wake of the Ark.

An entire industry has developed around the Ark as it has travelled through the galactic backwater on the edge of the spiral arm. They harvest the products of the xenoforming process, various exotic compounds, rare materials, and if they are lucky a piece of the Ark itself. Others have come to colonize the new planet. Yet others come to prey upon them.

Never before has the Ark been activated by an outside force, and it has never become quite so active before. For those who follow the Ark this is like a new goldrush and the Earth has become an alien boomtown and just as lawless.

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