Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Joys of Khaki

 I have entirely too many partially finished projects languishing on the workbench so I'm going to try to finish off as many as possible in the next month before starting anything new.

Checking out an abandoned farm somewhere in Canada.

In that spirit I finished up the first group of British infantry. Pretty straight forward and they were done basically the same way as the Lt earlier. I hemmed and hawed on which uniform to paint up my Brits in. The red is visually very stunning but I've always had a fondness for khaki. In the end I decided to go with khaki as painting the mechs in bright red seemed a bit much too me. Although now that I think of it maybe a ceremonial guard in full dress would be kind of cool.

I'm thinking of making some backgrounds to fill in the white space in the background for these pictures.

I have five more to do but I'll probably do some more individual guys first to give myself a break. And I really need to get more robots and monsters done too. And some new scenery. Well I'll try to give myself a month of clearing out the queue before adding anything new to it.

No chickens here Sir!


  1. They look rather splendid and I'm loving the terrain. Like you I seem to have far too many projects on the go at the moment - here's to a productive month.

  2. Thanks Michael! I think having too much on the plate is the natural order of things to be honest, but I'm willing to make the attempt to thin it out a little.


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