Thursday, July 25, 2013

Construction Continues at Lower Fickleham

I finished off the road tile this weekend but have been a bit lazy about taking pictures of it. I'm sure part of this is due to being less than happy with how it came out. A couple problems cropped up while working on it as I noted in the last post but I think on the next one I can correct some of them.
British forces spread out to inspect the new roadway.

A local businessman and wife look on in despair at the state of the local thoroughfare.
The toolmarks from the stamps are still too evident but I think a redesign of my stamps and a little bit more care will solve that problem. The bigger one is the cracking and warping. Patching them didn't really work that well. I'm going to try going back to DAS clay as I've had better luck with it in the past. Maybe a few smaller sections that I can glue on will work as well. I'll try to do some smaller scale experiments and see how it works out.

"Shameful lack of maintenance!"
I've also started painting the buildings and as is my habit I like to name all of my terrain projects. After wandering through some random name generators I've settled on Lower Fickleham. I don't know if there will be a Greater (Upper?) Fickleham more than likely it will be some old ruins or maybe a castle. Either way I need to get what I have painted first before worrying to much about that.

There is another one in process as well but the picture I took was so out of focus I didn't include it.


  1. That is rather splendid, I really love the textures - really impressive.

    1. Thanks Michael! I'm hoping the next one will be even better.


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