Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Ghug

After working on 15s the monster sized Gug was a nice break. Also the fact that it is all organic and I don't have to worry about straight lines and hard details made it easy to sculpt.

I like the way he came together and I'm happiest with the texture on the skin. I stumbled on it accidentally while working on the torso and ended up redoing the legs afterwards. But in the end it was worth it. I used a square clay shaper to lightly work the texture in and tried to use it to emphasize the underlying shape. Then I came back and added some more random lines kinda crosshatching it. I think it gives a nice elephantine texture.

First encountered at the Siege of Delhi during the Mutiny the creatures known as "Ghug" can as quite a shock to the British troops. This particular creature was called Bhaksaka Gaja which roughly translated to " Eater of Elephants." British troops later came to discover that the creatures were summoned in a bloody ritual at Cawnpore by a sect of Thugee sorcerers. The Ghug were only matched by the steam powered Colossi that the British had been using as mobile siege weapons. The battles between the savage creatures and the clanking giants became a recurring story throughout the Indian Mutiny. 

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