Sunday, March 4, 2012

Architectural Details

I need to start making some terrain to go with the Victorian 15s I've been working on. The problem is that buildings at that scale aren't that easy to make. Victorian buildings have a lot of detail to them and replicating it at that scale can take a lot of effort or money to buy HO scale details.

My plan instead is to make castings of details for myself. I've done this before when making buildings for Warhammer 40k. Though those pieces were obviously larger and easier to make.

One of the windows I cast.
And the same window used three times together.

On my list of pieces to make are doors, windows, shingles, and probably stone walls. I might do some cobblestone sections to for roads, sidewalks, etc. Still debating on doing chimney parts or just making them as I go. The advantages of all of these are that they can be made with a one piece mold, which are far easier and cheaper to make.

A set of steps and shingle patch with a Prussian for scale.

With these parts I can cast up pieces to make more complicated pieces. Dormers come to mind as combined with mansard roofs they are pretty typical of late 1800's architecture but fiddly to construct each time. This kind of thing would require a two piece mold though. I could cast each face separately but then I would have to deal with assembling it. It would allow me to mix and match pieces though. I'll have to play around with some mockups and see which way I want to go.

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