Saturday, June 11, 2016

More Stone Heads

Two more Big Giant Stone Heads for the collection. Both of these are modelled after later generation hybrids and represent nobles, viziers or something like that. Anyways they're a bit more human looking overall. I really wanted them to give them that beatific smiling Buddha face that a lot of Khmer statues have but I just couldn't get a smile to work with the genestealer look. Of course GW art was no help I don't think they have a single picture of a smiling Genestealer Hybrid. In the grim future there is only scowls and people shouting. I settled for more of a frowning face and maybe a kinda disappointed guy?

For the first one I took some inspiration from a video game I played recently ( Torchlight II -  I'm about 4 years behind on my gaming) which had a ruined temple with a stone face sticking up out of the ground. So after sculpting the face I cut the back off at an angle so it would look like it mysteriously sank into the earth.

The second head is a bit more massive as I wanted it be be free standing. I wanted to give it a design that mimicked both the cowl that the genestealer Magus always seem to wear and the border that surrounds a lot of the Khmer statues. The teardrop design was pressed in using a plastic straw that was creased into the right shape and then I went back over it to firm up the lines. The back got a lot more DAS clay added to it to round out the shape of the cowl.

The rest of the build went as normal adding the flexible base. For the paint job I took some inspiration from the red rock formations from our trip to Colorado. In particular a rock face in Waterton Canyon that had some great weathering and color to it.

I started painting them a dark brown then mixed in orange and green into it for more color. Then worked my way into the grays. When doing rocks I always stipple on the paint as it tends to give a more natural textured look. They ended up much grayer than the actual rocks back at the canyon but I like how they came out. With a much richer tone then my first stone head.

I have plans for at least 3 more heads but I might do even more as they are really fun to make.


  1. They are certainly reminiscent of what I remember of traveling through Cambodia and Angkor Wat in the late 90's.

    1. Thanks! Angkor Wat has always been on my list of places to go.


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