Sunday, June 26, 2016

Journey to the Silver Tower

I finally got a chance to pick up my copy of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower last weekend and have started work putting together the figures. I decided yo start with the Questor as I had some ideas on how I wanted to paint him to avoid the golden statue look of the official paint job.

The first thing I noticed about the miniatures is how well they go together. These are probably the first of this new generation of plastics from GW that I've worked with and I'll be honest they really blew me away. All of the parts go together perfectly and layer over each other to hide seams and mold lines. They remind me more of a Japanese model kits than the clunky models that GW used to put out 10 years ago. The downside is that there is really only one way to easily assemble the models which is going to make the second half of the monsters a bit harder to make unique.

My plan on the Questor was to make him a literal white knight. So I went with a cool white for the armor and a warm white for the cloak. I kept to some gold to break it up a bit. I also wanted to give the impression that he's been out fighting evil for a while so I scuffed up the paint on the armor and gave him a bit of wear with some weathering powders.

I'm still undecided on how I want to do the bases. I want to have them all match so I decided to hold off on his till I figure it out. Making it more difficult is that rooms in the game are pretty random ( as befits a Tzeentch chaos tower) and I really haven't figured out a good choice that might blend in to all of them. I'm considering a tile or mosaic looking but I might just fall back on simple stone slabs too.

Next for Silver tower will be some of the cultists.


  1. Lovely start. The white looks really nice, gives an enamelled look that helps sell the helmet.

  2. Thanks! The helmet looked liked a deathmask to me and really prompted the white scheme in my mind.


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