Monday, May 23, 2016

Place Keeper Post

Things have been busy with being out of town last weekend and heading out to vacation in Colorado this week ( actually due to the magic of automation I should be in the mountains as this goes up.) So I haven't managed to finish any projects yet but I added some pictures below of in progress work.

Two more Big Stone Heads under construction and a few roughed out flagstones for a road.

Little plastic gemstones direct from the factory in China. I'm hoping these are going to be a major component of stage two of my terrain building. 
In other news I'm really excited about the new GW Warhammer Quest game coming out. It has evil birdmen in it! Along with a ton of nice looking sculpts. I'll be picking it up after vacation to try to play with the wife.

Unlike a lot of people I really wasn't bothered by the switch to Age of Sigmar but at the same time it didn't provoke much interest either. I think the Old World setting really made much more sense as a role-playing setting then for a mass battle one. So Silver Tower will be my first real look at it. I know many people can't get behind the stylistic change to the figures but I like the new look to the Orcs  ( or Orukks or whatever they renamed them)  As far as I can tell they seem to be pushing a kinda modern video game aesthetic to the models which actually comes across pretty well. League of Legends on the tabletop. Grognard grumbling aside it has a very striking visual appeal. I'm less into the Sigmarites but I think that has to do with the gold paint scheme something I want to avoid. Not sure I'll go all the way into AoS but it at least has my attention now.

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