Saturday, January 31, 2015

White Worms

Way back in November of 2012 I pledged on kickstarter from Troll Forged Miniatures for a set of cool looking aliens mostly since I liked the designs of the grubs. They were a nice mix of worm and insect and they just screamed weird Mythos creature to me. Time progressed and years passed but I never felt like I would never get my miniatures as there was excellent communication all along. I think this is where a lot of Kickstaters go wrong. As a backer I expect delays and for the delivery date to be moved back several times but as long as I'm kept informed about what the problems are and how it's progressing I'm perfectly fine with that. Of course I may just be atypical to the standard Kickstarter backer who I see complaining everywhere about not getting their stuff yet.

Back to the miniatures, the grubs are made out of Trollcast which I gather is some sort of plastic and resin mix. I'm quite impressed with it, especially in comparison with other similar materials I've had to work with. Nice detail, seems pretty resilient, and cleans up nicely with a file. I did run into a problem priming one of the four grubs even after washing them up with soap and water. I just ended up hitting him with some spray primer and he was fine from there ( I usually use Vallejo brush on primer out of sheer laziness to go out and deal with the spray can.)

Painting was straight forward as I decided to go with white as the scheme in honor of the Clark Ashton Smith story The Coming of the White Worm. The worms I think will be useful for both 15mm and 28mm. I could see them as giant worms in some underground caverns for 15mm. A cavern terrain board would of course be something that I would love to make at some point but that will probably be down the line. I think I could also use them with my dungeon stuff as some sort of crazy insectile wormy creatures. I still have a fistful of these guys left as well as the rest of the aliens from the pledge so I have more than enough to play with.

I haven't thought about it till looking at this picture but maybe I should use some 15mm figures as tiny faeries or imps to go with my 28mm stuff too.


  1. Those guys look really cool. I like the fleshy-unearthly color. I think it works really well on these guys as it gives that sort of Cthulhuian look to them.
    Although they look like a formidable opponent as a 28mm mini, they look absolutely terrifying next to the 15mm. Not something I'd want to run into while taking a stroll in the wastelands!!

  2. Thanks Jessy! They could surely make a pleasant evening constitutional much more exciting!


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