Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lower Fickleham Vigilance Committee

These five were part of my latest entry for the Painting Challenge. I'm separating out my Martian drone as a shameless way to boost my blog post count.

I need to touch up the edges of those bases.
All five are from a Khurasan miniatures modern zombie pack featuring some hikers, a zombie dog, and some locals. I've previously painted one of the villagers up and this time finished up the other five. I'm not sure what I can do with the hikers as they are both obviously modern with puffy jackets and shorts. The dog will probably get used at some point as he should be a quick paintjob.

I went with a muted earth tone scheme in an attempt to make them fit in more as Victorian citizens. The woman had an scandalously short dress on ( ankles and even calves were clearly visible) so I made it a decent length with some putty and then added an apron so she could be painted up as a domestic. I'm not really sure if a woman of that era would wear a coat like the one she has so I figured I 'd paint it up like a canvas slicker she grabbed in her haste to run out into the streets.

"That sweater is so ugly I might just shoot you!"

The second figure I had doubts with was the gentleman in a sweater. My research didn't really turn up if tartan sweaters were made at that time but that's the effect I went for. I think it came out looking more like an ugly Christmas sweater. I probably should have gone with the fisherman sweater that I put on the other guy but I didn't want them to all look like they just wandered up from the dock. This is one of those strange times in miniature painting where a lack of knowledge of historical haberdashery has led to some suboptimal painting choices. He'd also probably look better if I had added a hat.

"Run for it!"


  1. I really do love these, especially the muted palette - very atmospheric.

  2. There is just something to painting everyone in earth tones, it always makes everything more historical looking.

  3. Nice work Brian. I do like the line about 'lack of knowledge of historical haberdashery........' :D

    1. :) Thanks Mark. Perhaps I'm overthinking it or maybe its my history training coming through but I do wonder how much of what we think of Victorian clothing, especially for the working class, is actually true. It might just be bias brought about what evidence we have left and popular notions. Of course since I'm painting tiny figures and having them fight extradimensional monsters I'm leaning towards the overthinking hypothesis.


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