Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bonus Round Entry 4: Merlin and Pal

The fourth bonus round is now up. Check them all out here!

 This time the theme was Myth and I knew just what I wanted to do. I had purchased a set of Sub-Roman British Arthurian characters from Musketeer miniatures (now Footsore). These are for use in my dungeon delving set that I'm still in process of building. I don't have Arthur but I picked up all of the foot figures.As you might guess one of the influences of this project is the The Warlord Chronicles by Cornwell, so I tried to paint the pair of them up to fit with the books.

First up is Merlin. I wanted to keep him in black Druid robes so the rest of the colors went around that. I initially tried doing the feathers on the cloak like they came from various birds but it didn't read very well so went back to an off white. I also spent some extra time on the fur cloak. I guess it must of come from some giant bear based on the pattern I painted but if anyone could get one it would be Merlin.

The other figure in the pack was Lancelot. In the books Lancelot is not exactly hero but I do like this sculpt alot and I'm going to be using him as a more generic hero anyways. I decided to try my hand at freehanding the shield emblem and settled on a pair of fish. I've been considering how to work in the Christian/ Pagan conflict that is a big part of the books into my dungeon project, so I thought fish would be a good neutral symbol that could be used for either faction if I need too. Fish of course lend themselves to his colors being a sea blue.

I need to try to make some more of the dungeon pieces for the project next. I have a few started but they'll probably stay on the backburner till the Painting Challenge is over. Hopefully I can get a couple more of the figures done however.


  1. Excellent work Brian. The freehand on the shield is great. I like your interpretation of Cornwell's Lancelot.

  2. Nice job. :) I have not really looked at Musketeer miniatures before. I will have to check them out.

    David S.
    Minnesota, USA

    1. Thanks David. They have some nice stuff and are now producing miniatures on this side of the pond making it easier to get.


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