Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Terrain Board Spectacular Day 4+5: Cyber Monday

I decided to combine yesterday and today into a single post for two reasons. One I really didn't get all that much done either day so this way there is a bit more progress. Secondly, I couldn't find any official term for the Sunday after Thanksgiving. ( Although I refer to it as Sad Sunday as I know the next day is back to the workaday grind.)

More road work

Close up of the individual sections after they dried. The clay tends to contract as it dries causing the gaps. 
So what did I get done? Mostly laying more roads onto the boards. I also finalized some carving on the rock faces. Finally, I put a coat of thinned wood filler mixed with glue onto the surfaces. This works to both seal and harden the foam and give it a bit of texture. Once I get the crossroads section up to the same place I'll be onto painting. Hopefully the next post will be with them finished and ready for gaming.

Seal coat is still wet.

Rock faces all done and coated. 

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