Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Novak Belt Nomads

First off I want to make some belated welcomes to new followers. While I wasn't paying much attention it looks like 4 new people joined up.

Joakim Strom from The Miniatures Man: Joakim has recently hit a well deserved 100k views and has been painting up some really cool Brimstone miniatures ( a game I regret not being able to pledge for. )

Bacon Fat from Baconfat Log: Always a fun read and apparently an owner of a mischievous cat as well.

Joe B.: I couldn't find any blog under your name but let me know if you have one.

TheKillingCold: One of the authors of Between the Bolter and Me which has some great and really well thought out conversion work of Horus Heresy miniatures amongst other interesting projects.

Although their own name is unpronounceable the closest translation is the Novak Belt Nomads.
Second Dreadball team completed and this one was also my first official entry into the Painting Challenge as well ( I submitted an entry for the Cold round but this really should of been done first. Honestly I felt kinda out of stride when the Challenge began as so many people were submitting great and plentiful entries. Meanwhile I was struggling to get these guys finished and my Cold entry. But hopefully now I'll settle in to a regular flow.) I wasn't really sure how I wanted to paint them but last minute inspiration on how to paint my Dwarf team (still to be actually painted) and seeing some unrelated but wonderfully painted blue armored wolf guys on Dwartists blog made my mind up for me.

The center one is the original, the flankers were both reposed. The left one is my favorite out of the group.
I did some reposing on all of them to give some variation, although some of the poses aren't totally convincing. As has now become my norm I also lost one of the goblins heads and had to make a copy. It actually went rather well as I'm not even sure which one it is anymore. I wanted them to look like their gear was very well used and more chipped up then painted. So they were painted up a worn metal color and then I stippled two layers of blue over that. It sort of looked a little sloppy so I also tried putting on some worn white stripes on them as well. I'm still not completely convinced with the effect but I guess it is good enough.

Right is out of box, left is conversion.
I tried to avoid the typical orc green skin an opted for a nice dull yellow. Other than that it was just painting up some leather straps and the whitish cloth and they were all done.

Center on is stock. Mantic really didn't do any favors with the poses since all of the goblins are pointing with one hand.


  1. They look like a tough nut to crack! Great job and the move away from the standard green was inspired.

    1. Thanks Michael! The skin tone is what I'm happiest about on the figures.

  2. Nice work Brian. Poses look good to me.

    1. Thank you Mark, with the straight pointing arm on all of the goblins it didn't leave too many options.

  3. I really like these Brian - the repositioning gives them all a unique and characterful look. I agree that a few different stock types would have been nice though.

    Your worn, beaten looks is great, just what I am going to try and do. I wouldn't have though of going for metal and stippling the top coat on - I usually go the other way. I think you've pulled it off very nicely!

  4. Thanks Paul! I used the same painting technique long ago on GW Orks but with red instead of blue. I think it worked better then but maybe with more experimenting with different blues I could get it to the same level. Good luck with your own dreadball guys!


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