Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Robotech Arrives!

At the end of last week the rewards from the Robotech Kickstarter was delivered to my house. Unfortunately during that time my cat was in the veterinarian hospital for a week so the package got glanced through and then shelved. Today I actually got a chance to take a closer look and try my hand at putting together a model. I picked out one of the basic Zentradi Battlepods as it looks like I have about 20 of them in my order.

Parts for a Regult BattlePod cut from the sprue. Please excuse the blurry phone pics.
The plastic models are nice and I had no problem cleaning them up for assembly. The details seem well defined although I won't know for sure till I start painting I guess. However, there are a fair number of parts per model and especially the little guns are more than a bit fiddly.

Assembled and with a 28mm figure along side for scale.
The only other complaint is that the "hip" section is really narrow and in order to get the legs to glue on in even a static pose I had to glue the legs on so that they weren't flush to the hip joint. I'll have to see if this was just an error on my part in assembling or something I'm going to have to get used to. The other small complaint I have is that although there are a bunch of pieces to each figure there isn't very much pose-ability. I can see alot of converting ahead for me as I try to get all of the mecha looking a little more individualistic. I'll probably try assembling a Veritech next and see what they are like as well.

Dr Zentradi visits the returned patient.


  1. The cat model doesn't look quite as real as the turtle, but it's still quite nice. I don't let my 1:1 scale cats near my models; they steal them and once ate the plastic spears on twentyish knights.

    1. LOL. Fortunately my cats mostly leave the models alone, except for depositing like a bit of hair on freshly painted or varnished figures.


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