Saturday, November 15, 2014

Last of the Ratmen

Well October has slipped away from me but I have managed to finish up the last three of my ratman team for Dreadball. I started the conversion work on them over a month ago but got a chance to finish up their paintjobs this past weekend. While the last set were converted mostly with limb swaps more drastic measures were needed on this trio and I turned to the saw to make some new poses.

 First up the guard was cut apart at the waist and the upper torso was repositioned. I originally intended a bit more angled pose but found out that the restic material once sawed through forms an almost instant and permanent bond with super glue. I expected a second to readjust the pose once I put them together but ended up settling for the initial contact. Both arms were also repositioned and I cut some spikes off of the facemask then used putty to fill all of the gaps.

The strikers had their heads sawed off and swapped around. For the first one I tried to get as close as possible to the classic Bloodbowl jumping and catching pose. Again arms and legs needed reposed and gaps filled with putty. Both of these guys also got shorts sculpted on since I liked how that worked on the last set I converted.

The last striker was more of a problem. I lost his gloved arm at some point and frantic searching never turned it up. My lovely wife made the excellent suggestion of making a copy of the other guys arm. I managed to make a reasonable facsimile using some of the instant mold I had and putty. The details on the two sides looked good but the joint line was a bit of a mess. I tried to hide the glove by going with a pose that's sort of like he just caught the ball and is wrapping it up to run with it.

I like how they came out in the end and although a fair bit of work I think the conversions made the team. They still need some numbers and team logos though. I'm not sure if I want to risk free-handing that many or look into some decals. If I go with some custom decals I might wait till I finish another team so I can combine them all onto one sheet. With one team down I need to finish up the other three. Hopefully I can get them all done by the end of the year.


  1. These look brilliant Brian, wonderfully done.

    1. Thank You Michael! I'm happy to finally have the team finished and off the table.


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